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Drilling Operations Trainer
Drilling Operations Trainer.

The Drilling Operations Trainer (DOT), developed by Drilling Systems UK Ltd., is an advanced system, offering a wide range of training opportunities from basic tuition to sophisticated drilling technologies. Loadable onto a PC or file server, it enables drilling courses to start in the classroom, reducing the need for expensive 'on-the-job' training at the well site.
This flexible, user-friendly training package is easily updated with the latest technological advances through Instructor Facilities, and a number of support services are available, including specific customisation to ensure maximum training impact is achieved.
The screen below shows the sequence of the software while in use. Notice the various steps the student has to take in setting up the mud system, selecting pumps and liners. The same way the student will have to make up a BHA, for directional drilling he picks a steerable motor, MWD etc. Once tripped in hole, the drilling itself can start. The student will have to orient the downhole steerable motor, lock the rotary system, kick in the pumps, set his WOB and start drilling. See how the standpipe pressure varies with WOB? The MWD readout shows the actual toolface, inclination and azimuth of the wellbore. This software package is the perfect tool for directional drilling training.